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This pad was developed to fit in the area directly behind and on either side of the wither to fill in the hollow area on high-withered horses or horses who have muscle atrophy due to being ridden in a hollow manner.  It prevents the saddle from bridging and causing pressure soreness at the scapula.  This can also help with a high-withered horse whose saddle continues to slip back.

Four layers of closed cell foam are contained within pockets that fall to either side of the horse's spine; these are secured close by strips of velcro.  Another strip of velcro is on the underside of the pad, down the center spine.  We supply a matching strip of velcro loop fastening to be gluded to the appropriate spot on the top of any other saddle pad.  This permits the rider to attach the Have-a-Heart to the top side of any other saddle pad he or she may choose.  Our system permits you to custom fit the padding to the amount of dip in your horse's back by removing a layer of cushioning.  Developing and strengthening your horse's back will assure many extra years of pain-free riding.

Watch the Video About the Have a Heart Pad

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Customer Reviews

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What a lifesaver

I ordered an Imus 4 Beat saddle for my American Saddlebred mare, who is A-Framed with some atrophy around her withers from age and many other contributors, and with the advise of the team at Phoenix Rising Saddles they suggested using this with the saddle and saddle pad. It has been amazing to see how with the proper fitting saddle and the help of the have a heart pad her muscles are rebuilding and I am hoping that soon we may not need to use it any longer. Thank you!!!


I had watched an Imus video and then inspected by horses back. I had not paid close enough attention but did find the need for a bridge pad. I have used it 6 times and again found this pad to work in freeing my horse's shoulders. I also believe it has helped my posture.


I have not tried it out yet just placed it for location and tested the saddle fit. I am hopeful though, so much so I went ahead and glued the Velcro strip down.


Last year I began working with a great trainer. She’s been lots of help with my riding techniques. First thing she said was "your horse is hollow backed". I wasn’t aware of this. She explained how it happens, why and how the way you sit and ride can help or make it worse. BTW - it was exactly the same thing Brenda has said in her newsletters. Anyway, I was so happy to see the Have A Heart Bridgepads. I immediately ordered one for my walking horse and have used it ever since ( I only need one of the pads in now since my horse has actually improved! ). It worked so well that I ordered another for my older fox trotter gelding and never ride without it. Thanks for a really good product.


I finally had the chance to try out the Have a Heart pad. I admit to being pleasantly surprised at how effective it is. I would never have thought that such a small pad would make that much of a difference on how the saddles fits across the shoulders. I think this is going to work out fine. Thank you for all your help and suggestions.