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12/2/21 Custom 4-Beat Saddle builds are currently 4-6 weeks estimated to ship

All our gaited horse saddles come with our 14 day trial and expert fitting support! 

Looking for the best gaited trail saddle? You've found the right place! We have the best trail saddles, built for comfort for both horse and rider. We have analyzed gaited saddle problems-and worked out all the appropriate solutions. The result of this work is our Imus 4-Beat® Gaited saddle. These saddles have been painstakingly designed the action, or motion, of gaited horses (though it works great for all horse types!). With all its unique features we feel it is the best gaited saddle on the market. 

Unsurpassed in comfort for both horse and rider, this saddle may look like other saddles on the outside - but that's where similarities end.

The Imus 4-Beat® Gaited saddle encourages the horse's natural 4-beat gait. When you begin to custom build your own saddle, you'll be presented with a list of options. These allow you to order the best trail saddle that is exactly what you want.

All saddles come standard with matching Supracor padded 4-Beat® Stirrups, Leather Tie Strings, and extra-long latigos to accommodate the 3-Point Rigging.

If there is an option you do not see available below and would like on your saddle, call or email and please ask us, because we can probably make it happen with our extraordinary saddle craftsmen.


Available Configuration of the Imus 4-Beat® Gaited Saddle:

  • Available in 15”, 16” or 17” or 18" Seat Sizes (western sizing) If you aren't sure of your seat size, check out our chart here.
  • Standard Tree or Wide Tree Available
  • Western, Endurance with Leathers or Endurance with Western Fenders Configurations
  • Many options available!

Specially Designed Tree designed for unique forward placement, placing rider over horse’s true center of gravity. Designed for complete freedom of movement and to accommodate the gaited horse’s back

Flexible Tree with leather suspended ground seat to prevent bars from collapsing under rider’s weight. Provides incredibly close feeling to the horse.

Carefully calculated degree of flexibility in the bars offers gaited horses unprecedented comfort and freedom of motion, while still correctly distributing the rider’s weight.

  • Forward set, free-swinging stirrups to avoid pressure on rider’s ankles, knees, hips and pelvis
  • Places rider in “bareback” position, allowing rider to truly be in balance with their horse without constricts of saddle
  • Supracor © therapeutic padding placed under the bars of the tree to eliminate pressure soreness and ensure a custom fit
  • Supracor © therapeutic padding placed in the seat and the matching 4-Beat® stirrups for unparalleled rider comfort
  • 14 day trial to ensure a great fit for both horse and rider
  • Unparalleled pre and post-sale support from knowledgeable staff!

Each Imus 4-Beat® Saddles Comes Standard With:

  • Matching 4-Beat® Stirrups with Supracor © padding in the tread
  • Dee and O rings with 6 sets leather tie strings for attaching gear
  • Crupper Ring
  • 2 extra long latigo leathers to accommodate 3-Point Rigging

For more information about Imus 4-Beat Saddles® check out our short informational video about our tree and Supracor HERE

Need Help fitting your horse? We provide expert fitting support  HERE

Learn all about the Imus 4-Beat Saddles HERE

All saddles have a 6% restocking fee in the event of a return for a refund. This covers our original shipping to you and part of the non-refunded merchant fees.  In the event of an exchange, difference in cost of saddles may be applicable. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Saddle Update

Just wanted to give you an update, I have around a thousand hours in my saddle still looks brand new I have had a lot to free time to ride due to covid... fits my mare very well though her being under weight when I first got her to fit and healthy always a very even sweet mark at the end, did need to add a bit of padding to the girth strap but would have with her under any saddle I'm sure. (received via email 11/8)

Christine and Gus from Ohio
Thank you!

I’m amazed at how comfortable I am during the rides. My seat #1! After taking a hard fall 2 months ago and breaking my collarbone, twisting my ankle, broken toe and wratching my knee… with my old Circle Y western saddle I would feel pain in my ankle and knee late during the ride and dismounting. Not having this issue at all with my Imus saddle. Now for my horse, Gus…. He seems more comfortable as well and although it’s difficult to explain I feel he is able to move more freely. I've been hacked and locked out of my social medias or I would be tagging and promoting your saddle ;) !!! Going on a 10 mile trail tomorrow so that will be the true test ;). "
Update: Had a great weekend ride! I don’t think you’ll be seeing this saddle again in your warehouse !!!!!!!!!!!

Louanne and Flea
Love My Saddle!

I am happy to tell you my saddle is working perfectly!!!!! I am so glad I stuck with it. Very, very comfortable and secure. When I saddle him I put it up a bit more on his shoulders and let it work it’s way back to the sweet spot and it stays there. Nice even beautiful sweat pattern with the backbone channel dry. My equine physical therapist (no idea what else to call her she does chiro, massage and other stuff) says my saddle fits him just fine he has no back pain and it is between his shoulder blades and last rib nicely when it moves into position. The flex of the tree is what makes it work for him. He has crazy loaded shoulders being a draft build. When I sit in the saddle it brings the front off him more and should I say a bit more rock it works well.

Thank you, thank you.
Louanne S and Flea

Ashlyn and Leroy
Received today via email (posted with permission)

Hi Jamie,
I took Leroy on a 2.5 mile trail ride yesterday and NO SORENESS!!! I will keep the saddle. With the HAH pad he had no issues. I rode him three times this week. First two times for 20 minutes a piece. Then an hour and a half ride yesterday. THANK YOU for your patience. I know with his health issues its been a longer trial period than you anticipated. You never made me feel like it was rushed and needed to be an immediate answer. I was stressed trying to get this trial completed because I never wanted you to think I was taking advantage of your kindness. I am thankful he is feeling better and even more thankful I finally have a saddle to fit him!!!

Thank you again.
-Ashlyn and a very happy Leroy

sherry thomas
Chocolate rough out

I bought the Chocolate rough out saddle.
It is beautiful!!!!