2nd Generation Imus Training Transition Bit

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Lab-tested 100% lead and heavy metal free! This bit is gentle, pinchless, and has plenty of tongue relief.  It is designed for the young horse, and possesses many of the same features as the Imus Comfort Bit.  The rider can start the horse by placing the reins on the middle, or snaffle, ring of the bit.  Once the youngster has mastered the art of balancing the rider's weight, halting, stopping, turning, and backing on cue, a chin strap is added to the top ring of the bit, and the reins are moved down to the lower rings.  This gives the bit a mild curb effect, encouraging light flexion at the poll and slight rounding through the back.

One full season of working with this bit is recommended before moving the horse in to the Imus Comfort Bit for higher level training.  Just think how much confusion is avoided, as the horse is already accustomed to the action of the curb bit when it is first introduced!  (This bit is an invaluable tool for retraining horses that have become stiff and sour to harsher bits.)

The mouthpiece is 5" but it accommodates between a 4 1/2" and 5 1/2" mouth. It's pinchless so if it's a little snug (not tight) at the corner of the lips it won't be uncomfortable or interfere with the action of the curb.  If it fits a little large that's okay too because the bit is designed to give a nice rolling request at the lips and there is no point when the rider takes on the reins that the bit is pulled from side to side.

  • This unique bit has a mouthpiece that offers plenty of tongue relief encouraging the horse to drop his head into the bit rather than stiffening up against it.
  • It is built with flush brass fittings in the pinchless mouthpiece and has very smooth independent action from side to side.
  • All Imus Bits purchased from Phoenix Rising Saddles have our registered trademark 4-Beat logo engraved on them for authenticity! See photo for details.
  • All bits are made in the USA using precision engineering, cutting edge technology and the highest quality of materials available.
  • 5 Year Warranty!

We are often asked to clarify what exactly we improved about our Imus line of bits in 2013.

  • They are now precision engineered and made in the USA with the highest quality material available
  • Re-engineered internal workings to strengthen working parts and facilitate the smoothest movement.
  • Lengthened and slightly flattened the copper roller to cover all movable parts in the mouthpiece.  This completely covers the bushings to keep the bit completely pinchless, and prevents damage to structural integrity from torque. (pictures of lookalike bits often have their mouthpieces and copper rollers edited to look this way, but the bushings are actually exposed)
  • Made bushings internal on the cheek-pieces to strengthen and prevent loosening and pinching
  • Manufactured with their original purchase-to-shank ratio, which is key to effect the proper sequence of actions with the bit. 
  • Manufactured with proper angles of shanks
  • Backed by a 5 Year warranty
  • Lab-tested 100% free of lead and other heavy metals

Important Note: Our bits cost us more to produce than what the imitations retail for.  Phoenix Rising Saddles is the only distributor of the Imus line of products.  Other companies sell cheaper imitations of the older style bit and sell them under the name "Comfort Gait Bit" or "Training Transition Bit"  If it doesn't have our Registered Trademark 4-Beat logo engraved on the it, it's not a true 2nd Generation Imus bit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

All I can say about this bit is, you get what you pay for. I have purchased 3 of the generic comfort d gaited bit. Each one lasted about a year. They were very nice and my horse liked them and did well with them. No need to transition to anything else. This year I thought I would take the plunge and try the real thing.
Upon receiving the bit, very quickly I might add, I was impressed with the beautiful metals and quality workmanship of the bit. The connections were very smooth to the touch and parts moved very smoothly. It has a nice balanced weight to it.
Now to ask the judge....I placed the bit on the bridle at the same height as the generic bit and noticed it sat a bit higher, per the horse. So, after lowering just one notch on one side of the bridle, the horse instantly took the bit and held it very comfortably. He liked it!! How did he ride? Beyond terrific and nicely responsive to cues. My only regret is that I did not buy a new curb strap as I use it as a slight leverage.
I plan to use this bit for 1 year and see how it looks after steady use. The generic bits become squeaky and movements are not smooth after a year.
Was this bit worth double the price of the generics? Absolutely!!!

Imus Training Bit

My Icelandic horse loves this bit! He moves so much better and is much more responsive overall. So happy my friend recommended it to me!


Love it!

Transition bit

Employees were very helpful and friendly. The bit was shipped out the same day. Very well made bit, will be ordering another one for my other 2 yr old they work very well.

Forever bit

Wish you would not call it a training transition bit. This is the only bit my 16 y o TWH loves. No need to transition from this comfort bit.

I'm glad you and your horse are happy with the bit! It's true that the bit can be used indefinitely either as a snaffle or a bit with very light leverage. It all depends on the horse and rider and how much aid they need with collecting into the bit. Thank you for the review and feedback. We wish you and your horse many happy and smooth trails! :) Jamie