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The Breathe Easy™ Comfort Grip Cinch is a cinch that has tough elastic inserts at either end, giving your horse the ability to breathe easy even when securely cinched.  The neoprene is covered with a 1/2" of Comfort Grip for maximum comfort and durability. They come with a stainless steel roller buckle and flat buckle for the off-side to allow the tie straps to be pulled through freely, making it easy to adjust your center fired rigging evenly on both sides.  The buckles, combined with the Imus 4-Beat's unique rigging system-which ties off at the rear D Ring, rather than adding unnecessary  bulk under the rider's leg- makes it a "cinch" to tighten or adjust your saddle while mounted. 

Comes with roller-buckle on one side for easier tightening

Detachable middle for easy cleaning

Black only.  Sizes: 28"-36"

Cinch Instructions: Our cinch has a double roller-buckle. Your first time through the cinch, loop it on the lower half,  below the roller buckle. For the second loop, bring it through the top half, above the roller buckle. 

Customer Reviews

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what a relief

My horse is a quarter horse, I have been having trouble with my saddle slipping to the point that I had to use the emergency dismount at times because the saddle was so loose. Because he tended to hold his breath, I had to work on the ground to get is tight enough. I had trainers and others help me try to figure out what was going on. I got to the point that I couldn't relax while riding because I knew the cinch would be loose at any time. Someone told me about this cinch and I tried it, with little hope as I had tried so many. It is a miracle. He doesn't puff up like he used to and doesn't seem to care at all when I cinch it up. With my old cinch he didn't like being cinched and was very slow to move off after I mounted. The first time I put it on, he seemed comfortable during cinching and the biggest surprise was when I mounted and asked him to move forward, he did so willingly and with briskness. My previous cinch was very expensive and lined with sheepskin. This cinch was much less expensive and we both love it!!!!!! It as been a life-saver figuratively and actually. Thank you so much for your help - We both thank you!

Beautifully made cinch

It's made beautifully. i love it. you can tell she's much more comfortable moving. Miss tubby ( Sophie ) is on a diet and may need the smaller size come spring...we'll see lol. If so I'll definitely be ordering another of this style. love, love, love it. Have a blessed day.

Breathe Easy Comfort Grip Cinch

I really like this comfort grip cinch and my horse seems to like it too although I need to order the next size up as this one is too short. I have a friend that has seen it and wants one for her horse too.

Breathe East Comfort Cinch

I love this cinch- it has a lot of stretch but doesn't pinch


Excellent cinch. This is the second one that I have purchased.