In Stock & on Sale Gaited Saddles

If you are searching for the best trail saddle for you and your horse, you've found the right place! Our saddles work great for both gaited and non-gaited horses. They are simply designed to be comfortable for your horse, allowing complete freedom of movement. This is of utmost importance for any horse, whether it's a Tennessee Walking Horse, Quarter Horse, or any other breed.

Phoenix Rising Saddles' Imus 4-Beat® and Legacy Saddles in this category are ready to ship to your door!  They all come with our 14 day trial and the same pre and post sale saddle fitting support offered with our Custom Imus 4-Beat® Saddles. We strongly encourage you to send photos before we ship your stock saddle to confirm tree size. See the instructions HERE.

Saddles are priced with discount applied.

All our saddles come with our 14 day trial and expert fitting support!

All saddles have a 6% restocking fee in the event of a return for a refund. This covers our original shipping to you and part of the non-refunded merchant fees.  In the event of an exchange, difference in cost of saddles may be applicable.